About Five Town's Print and Design

Five Town’s Print and Design was started in 2013 by Lee Booth. Over the last year and a half working from home and in my Dad’s garage, I have built up quite a number of customers just by word of mouth and have done this by simply providing a design and print service that doesn’t cost a fortune.


In July this year I opened my own print shop in Ferrybridge Square, Knottingley. By doing this I believe I can provide even more people with an affordable print and design service.


I have over twenty five years experience in the print trade and over that time been involved and learnt everything from the original design concept, through the printing process and into the finishing department.


Also in those years I have seen how people have been over charged for their print and design. Whether it be by the print companies charging X amount an hour for design to cover the designers wages, or the high street print and design companies adding their 30% on top of print prices. That is why I decided to start up Five Town’s Print and Design.


All the work at Five Town’s Print and Design, the design, the print and the finishing is overseen by myself. This gives me peace of mind that every stage of your job will be done right and you will not receive the job unless I am completely satisfied with the end result.



Don’t just take my word for it, read what some of my existing customers have to say on the ‘Testimonials’ page.